My Sadie Dog

Sadie Dog Facts

"Breed": mutt, of course - perhaps black lab and whippet? she definitely has a whippet personality

Age: the vet said she was about 1 year old when I adopted her in August of 1993

Namesake: "Sadie, Sadie" from "Funny Girl" - my mother was a big fan of Barbra Streisand and I think she suggested it. Turns out now that Sadie is one of the most popular dog names! I grew up with one of the most popular names for my time - Jennifer - and hated it. Could never tell when someone was talking to me and not another Jennifer; maybe Sadie gets confused too and that's why she doesn't always listen to me?

Nick Names: Sabie, Sabes, Saber, Boojez

Favorite Foods: meat, cottage cheese, meat, ice cream, meat (Sadie doesn't care much for treats and typical "dog food" - she's a very finicky eater. That made it hard to reward her while trying to train her so training didn't go so well but she listens to me "well enough".)

Favorite Activities: hiking, chasing small animals (squirrels, cats), tug-of-war (she's really bad at it though you have to help her get the pulley in her mouth and let her win - quite boring for the other player!), dog parks (some days are better than others - she's a shy dog but wants to be social)

Good Things She Likes: cushiony spots, blankets, beds, scratches on her belly, baking in the sun, the beach (lots of good smells)

Bad Things She Likes: eating grass and vomiting, rolling in poo or decay matter, eating garbage

Dislikes: thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuums, water/swimming (I must be in with her), getting yelled at (she knows when she's bad and she doesn't want to hear it), hammering (we live in a fixer upper)